Jump-Start Your Sales Effort
Sł can assist clients with making initial contact with their Prospect Universe to create a "burst" of sales activity, from which the client’s expert sales personnel can then follow up. Steps and options in this phase include:

First Contact Message Creation Our expert sales messaging specialists create the initial email messages, voicemail messages and cold call scripts to maximize response, position the client appropriately and concisely communicate the opportunity at hand. Sł has years of experience in formulating these messages to maximize response rates so that subsequent conversations can be set up with the client’s expert sales personnel.

First Contact Message Delivery Sł's team of expert sales and sales support personnel can assist clients in several ways to deliver an initial sales burst into the marketplace dramatically increasing the pace at which small- and mid-sized sales teams could normally cover a new sales initiative. This outreach can take the form of direct mail, telephone calls or customized and individually sent email messages.

Direct Mail Processing Sł can package and process small- to mid-sized direct mail campaigns as needed, even expertly handling the creative, design and production processes

Telephone Prospecting Sł gears up a carefully trained telesales team to fan out and deliver an opening round of sales-focused phone calls to identified prospects to launch a selling effort, teeing up opportunities and inviting prospects to take the next step in the sales process. Critically, Sł personnel never behave, sound like, or are mistaken for annoying telemarketers. Instead, they are capable sales professionals who take a low key, consultative approach to introducing a product or service.

Email Prospecting Sł's proprietary EmailBurst® service enables Sł staff to efficiently send individual, customized emails to any group of prospects using an approved, consistently delivered selling message. These emails are sent out one-by-one, and are sent personally by Sł staffers with legitimate, functioning email addresses consistent with the client's domains. Additionally, Sł's system efficiently tracks the emails sent and the incoming responses, routing bounces from bad email addresses to one group of Sł staff for correction and further processing, and routing responses to the client’s sales personnel as appropriate. Finally, after a pre-established period of time, those who have not responded at all can be packaged and delivered to the client’s sales team for follow up, organized by sales person based on their territory definition.This allows the client to launch an extremely efficient, painstakingly prepared, easy-to-track follow up effort.
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