Sales Activity Tracking & Reporting
CLEARVIEW™ is S³'s web-based, proprietary Sales Activity Monitoring system, designed to give S³ clients an in-depth window into S³'s selling activities on their behalf. Designed and maintained by the in-house S³ software development team, CLEARVIEW™ delivers an end-to-end, customizable sales force automation solution and shared contact database. Its features include:
  • Complete Contact Management Data: Full contact information on all active sales targets. All sales contact data can be exported and delivered in a .csv or .xls format upon request, either periodically or regularly on a specified schedule.

  • End-to-End Sales Activity Monitoring: Precise data on dates, times and results of all completed and scheduled phone calls, emails, meetings, presentations and proposals tendered on behalf of our client.

  • Itemized Sales Pipeline: A robust, real-time sales forecasting system with dynamically generated reporting, detailing all projected transactions with full contact data and including estimated sale amount, estimated close date and estimated closing probability.

  • TaskManager: An integrated Task Management application designed to parse individual activities and track and report on all phases of each component of an ongoing sales effort or explicit campaign.

  • Customized Dashboard: The homepage for S³ clients, this real-time summary groups all the critical metrics about the sales campaign into easy to digest categories to give S³ clients a program update at a glance. For increased detail, each element represented on the dashboard is a live link and can be viewed in full detail at any time, 24/7. Items typically summarized on client dashboards include tallies on numbers of calls, emails, meetings, presentations, etc., both those in the past and those scheduled for the future. It also includes a full-featured sales forecast and summaries on Hot Prospects and weekly activities.

  • WorkGroups: These innovative tools allow S³ staff to tag and segregate targets into individually defined groups, and track their progress or conduct discrete sales activities on the targets within the WorkGroup. Especially useful when the target universe is large (over 1,000 in number), this capability allows for customized handling of the dataset to ensure that the appropriate activity is being directed to each sub-segment of the larger group of prospects.

  • EmailBurst: EmailBurst is the industry's most effective sales campaign email delivery and tracking system. For each sales effort, specially designed email pitches are developed for each target group and then stored in the system, with embedded tags that insert the prospect's name, company, brand etc to customize the email. By grouping the targets into homogeneous WorkGroups, an email campaign can be executed whereby a specific email is sent to each individual in an identified WorkGroup with full customization options at the time of sending. As each email is sent, the system logs the outbound message and updates the Sales Activity tracker to account for the new outbound message. As responses come in, the system links the message to the individual target, so that all email traffic - both outbound and inbound - is comprehensively stored with the target, creating a closed-loop, verbatim history of all email communications.
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