Intelligent Compensation Planning & Management
To assist clients with the difficult and ongoing challenge of developing cost effective, highly motivating sales compensation plans, S³ created a uniquely flexible yet precise, approach to developing, testing and deploying sales compensation plans.

First S³ experts conduct a detailed study of past sales performance, current comp plans, territory definitions and team structures. After a thorough analysis, a carefully designed new or revised team structure is devised, focused on providing strong sales coverage and intelligent human asset deployment for every market opportunity.

Next, in close collaboration with our clients, we create highly granular territory valuation criteria to precisely rate every element of a territory to account for the total number, quality and urgency of available opportunities within it.

From these now well defined and concretely valued territories, uniquely customized Territory Ratings and Territory Values are developed.

Finally, built upon this strong and logical foundation, a variety of incentive compensation plans are built based on the territories and quotas previously defined, and clients choose the plan(s) most appropriate for their sales teams.

All data is then loaded into our online CompBuilder system, and this customized compensation dashboard is then enabled for access by our clients, allowing them to deploy their new structures, territories, quotas and comp plans, and to modify them quickly and easily at any time.

The system also allows sales people to review constantly refreshed information about every aspect of their territory assignments, quotas and compensation plans and the guidelines and policies behind it, creating a cohesive, logic-driven compensation structure.
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