Comprehensive Planning and Tracking for Your Biggest Accounts
Managing major accounts requires detailed planning, a sophisticated approach, and rigorous execution. Unfortunately very few sales force automation tools are capable of managing the intensive level of detail and the customized information that is required to comprehensively plan and track the sales process with large, strategic accounts.

S³'s Online Strategic Account Planning (SAP) System is designed exclusively for large, sophisticated accounts, and was built to manage extensive detail, complex sales processes, multiple contacts and departments and extended sales cycles. The system houses hundreds of unique data points about each account, and tracks the people, objectives and dollars at stake for each key opportunity.

Web-based and super-secure, S³'s Online SAP System can be deployed in under 5 days, requires no IT implementation and works seamlessly with primary sales force automation tools already in place. OLSAP can accommodate 5 or 500 users with ease, and is easily customized on the fly to stay current with the evolving sales practices of even the largest, most dynamic sales organizations.

Key System Features Include:
  • Virtually limitless numbers of data fields for in-depth account information storage

  • Web-based system is deployed quickly and easily without network compatibility issues or extensive implementation requirements

  • Super-secure encryption fully protects sensitive account data

  • Robust functionality at an extremely cost-effective price

  • Effortlessly Scalable to accommodate the smallest and the largest sales teams

  • Designed to be fully and continuously customizable to address the unique requirements of your sales process and account requirements

  • Flexible, real-time reporting on all data within the system including forecast data, sales activity, action item calendars and system usage

  • Branded pages throughout the application

  • Customized home pages for each User Type to deliver critical information at a glance

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