Outsourced Sales Teams
Our Approach
S³ can train, equip and deploy a perfectly sized and specially trained sales team to accomplish the ongoing, unique sales objectives of each client. Our specialty is business to business, direct selling of services, strategic partnerships and products.

For each outsourced sales engagement, we custom build a team specifically devoted to our client's needs, by recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and managing them. We function in every respect as a full-service, outsourced sales team. We pay the team members real salaries and equip them with laptops, cell phones and productivity software, and conduct ongoing lead generation programs, and supply them with efficient sales support. These engagements are turn key, plug-and-play sales teams that are rapidly deployed and highly productive.

As such, S³ doesn't accept sales engagements on a commission-only basis. Our engagements are always a combination of a one-time training and start-up fee, and thereafter a monthly retainer, which is based on the size and complexity and scope of the sales effort in place, and a commission on closed deals.

Launching a New Sales Effort
The S³ Launch Team first meets with the client to gather and synthesize all the needed details about the product or service, target market(s), competitive environment and revenue objectives. After hiring the appropriate sales personnel, S³ develops a comprehensive sales training program which each team member is required to take and pass, using our proprietary, specially designed QUICKSTART™ online training platform.

After researching, acquiring and loading up a large base of Prospects for the sales effort, we turn next to the S³ database of more than 100,000 corporate contacts, and tag the most appropriate ones for the sales effort and assign them to our sales team. We then finalize and deliver the sales compensation plan, complete the development of the needed sales collateral materials, and we're ready to start selling. Within 3 to 6 weeks, S³'s sales team can be actively engaging prospects, setting meetings and submitting proposals.

Throughout the sales effort, the S³ sales team utilizes our proprietary, web-based suite of sales force automation tools, all part of our CLEARVIEW™ system. Designed to give our sales people the best tools in the industry and our clients real-time, total transparency into our sales effort, CLEARVIEW™ tracks and reports on every phone call, email, proposal and meeting that has taken place and is planned for the future, and summarizes the data in a Dashboard which can be used to view the data in summary and in detailed formats. Also included is a detailed sales forecast, complete with estimated close dates, estimated sale amounts and probability percentages to give clients a full picture of the incoming revenue.
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