Program Deliverables
Full Training Program Projects
These programs include the online and hard copy based manuals detailed below as well as detailed training materials covering:
  • Company Background & History
  • Company Structure and relevant reporting hierarchies
  • Company Mission
  • Key Executives; their backgrounds and bios
  • Customer Base explanation
  • Key Accounts
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Success metrics for sales people
  • 90-Day Action plan for each new sales person
Materials Included:
  • Detailed training agendas
  • Master training presentation
  • Specific sales presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Role Play Scenarios
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Online program delivery options
  • Printed manuals
  • Electronic document-based materials
  • DVD-based materials (optional)
Manuals-Only Projects
These tightly focused programs deliver 2 to 4 extensive manuals that new sales personnel can review on a self-paced basis to fully learn the required materials.

Sales Training Manuals typically include the following content elements, and are delivered both in hard copy, in electronic document format and in interactive, online versions:
  • Industry/Marketplace Explanation and Orientation
  • Customer Profiles: Purchase Motivations, Buying Patterns, Backgrounds, Authority Structures, Buying Processes, and more
  • Sales Process: A detailed sales process is developed and explained including all the messaging and sales tools to be used at each step, the objections and responses and the ideal buyer target criteria.
  • Sales Pitches: Detailed scripts, presentation outlines and talking points for every sales situation in all formats: presentations, phone calls, emails, demos etc.
  • Sales Tools: Detailed introduction to all available sales tools including sales collateral materials, presentations, demos, marketing events etc.
  • Proposals: Samples and tutorial on creating winning proposals
  • Competition and Differentiation: Detailed explanation of the competitive marketplace and how your company is differentiated from competing offerings
  • Company Success Metrics: Detailed explanation of how your company defines sales success, both philosophically and in terms of specific activity and sales productivity metrics
  • Sales Systems: Tutorial on effectively using the mandated sales systems (CRM, contact management etc) as per company policy
  • Order Processing: How to properly process closed sales
  • Quizzes and Tests: Custom designed testing tools to ensure that learners are retaining the required content
Product/Service Training Manuals typically include the following content elements:
  • Product/service History
  • Product/service Architecture
  • Product/service detailed explanation of each product or service offering, including an extensive glossary to define all industry-specific terminology
  • Value Propositions and Solutions offered by these products & services
  • Key Features & Benefits
  • Pricing specifics for all packages and options
  • Competitive Comparisons
  • Delivery structure (how the company delivers or creates its products/services)
  • Key Product/Service Personnel
Sales Compensation Manuals typically include the following content elements:
  • Company Strategic, Sales, Market Share and Product Objectives
  • Sales Team Total Objectives
  • Compensation Philosophy
  • Territory definitions
  • Territories for all sales people and for each sales person specifically
  • Individual quotas for each person receiving the manual
  • Detailed compensation plan for the individual
  • Compensation Policies regarding prospecting, reporting, tools usage, pricing, discounting, packaging, team selling, disputes, proposal development etc.
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