Putting Our Process into Action
Each on-boarding program follows the same rigorous development and delivery process, which includes:
  • Program Planning: First we work closely with our clients to collect all the specific requirements for the program. For some clients, a collection of detailed Sales Process and Product Information manuals is all that is needed. For others, these items plus a thoughtfully designed, comprehensive 3 to 5 day sales training program is required, along with all the needed accompaniments: presentation materials, training agendas, role playing scenarios, quizzes and tests, instructor guides and more.

  • Data Gathering: For existing companies, our experts spend 2 to 5 days at the client site and on ride-alongs with existing sales personnel to capture every detail of the existing training materials as well as all specifics regarding the product/service offering, the industry, the competitive arena, the sales process and the sales messaging. For newer companies or firms without an existing sales training program or sales team and process already in place, Sł develops all these materials from the ground up.

  • Information Synthesis: After bringing the inputs back to Sł, the program development team begins organizing, enhancing and documenting all available material. Next we carefully review similar information from other industries that Sł has extensively researched, and access both our teams' expertise and our library of on-boarding programs that have already been developed, to ensure that relevant best practices are considered and added where appropriate.

  • Drafts Delivery: By now we are ready to deliver the first drafts of the relevant training materials, whether they consist of Manuals-Only or a full fledged training program. All materials are presented to and carefully reviewed by the client, after which all additions, deletions and modifications are collected and integrated into the program materials. Materials can be delivered in a variety of formats, including hard copies, electronic copies, online and DVD-based options.

  • Interim Program Delivery: Within a matter of a few weeks, the Sł team is now ready to deliver the program materials to be used. Sł prints, binds and ships these custom-designed, high quality training materials to the client, and awaits the results of the first training usage to capture any additions or modifications that are needed. Those adjustments are then incorporated and a final version is prepared.

  • Final Program Delivery: The final version of the materials is delivered, and the client's sales team can now grow quickly and efficiently.

  • Recruiting: Where desired, Sł can also recruit the sales professionals needed to precisely fit the needs of our clients. We have a superb salesperson placement track record and expertly leverage all our knowledge from developing the On-Boarding Program to the recruitment process. To learn more about Sł's recruiting services, click here.
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